Premier business awards construct a new category.

The Focus HR Business Excellence Awards 2023 has introduced a new Property Construction and Development category on the basis that these businesses are the second biggest by business count in the region.

The new category includes any business involved in property, construction and development including builders, developers, architects, engineers, project managers, town planners, real estate agents, and subcontractors.

Toowoomba Chamber President Kate Venables said, “We are proud to be able to introduce this category and reflect on the amazing work these businesses do.

BEA Property Construction and Development Category

BEA Property Construction and Development Category 2023

“They have made and make a significant contribution to the built environment we see today and tomorrow.
“For that reason alone, we believe, they should be recognised and celebrated”,

Kate Venables Toowoomba Chamber President

“Sponsor for this category, Gordon Grover, Director Specialised Property Consulting said, “The work funded by the Toowoomba Chamber and undertaken by research giant and Toowoomba Chamber member, McCrindle, clearly showed the significant contribution of the property, construction and development businesses to the city and region.

“There are over 2600 property and construction-related businesses in the region which ranks them number 2 by business count.
“I am grateful to be able to partner with the Toowoomba Chamber to ensure these businesses have the opportunity to be recognised publicly for their work,” he said.
Founding Director of Focus HR, Naomi Wilson, said, “I am delighted this category has been included in the awards this year.
“It demonstrates the growing prestige of the awards, which we are so proud to be part of,” Naomi articulated.

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