CBD Revitalisation Advisory Committee


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CBD Revitalisation Advisory Committee

Like all places, the city centre will always adapt and change, in rhythm with people’s preferences for living, interaction, and entertainment.    An understanding of such trends, like the economics of development, daily small business opportunities and challenges, the role of major cultural and educational facilities, employment, and the value of design, which is good for business, is crucial in building a city centre, that remains in the hearts and minds for all who live in it and visit it.

The centre of a city needs to be a great place and its plays a much broader role than purely a commercial and business hub.   Great places are where all parts of the community can meet and can be connected.  They are people places first and foremost.  Bustling environments for working, living, learning, and play.  Toowoomba’s city centre is full of such history.  Traditionally, it was the home to commerce, a place where business and homes co-existed and where the community was entertained.  

Honouring the Toowoomba CBD

Today, the potential opportunities remain endless. The Toowoomba CBD has an abundance of heritage-listed architecture which is a must-see for any heritage or architect buff.   And an intricate and layered network of streets and laneways, filled with extraordinary artworks, hidden bars, and coffee shops.  It is a treasure. The CBD Revitalisation Advisory Committee is about making sure the CBD is always kept front of mind.

What makes it even more important to nurture this treasure is that it is the traditional heart of a magical city, with its four distinct and beautiful seasons.  A city that sits majestically on the crest of the Great Dividing Range, overlooking south-east Queensland.   A city of parks nestled in the tree-lined streets.  A city with a wonderful and rich history.  A city where you can enjoy the tastes of Toowoomba and Darling Downs as quality local produce is celebrated in the diverse eateries.

The CBD Advisory Committee was formed in 2020

This was part of the Chamber’s platform as part of the local government election priorities to create the CBD as a destination.  The committee understands the significance of the place of this Toowoomba jewel with the context of the city.  With experience and knowledge across a range of industry sectors, the committee looks forward to collaborating with the government and providing an independent business voice.

Mitchell Bernoth
Bernoth Properties
Peter Marks
Ray White