The President called on all levels of government to announce their packages to support our local businesses.

In December, Toowoomba Chamber President, Kate Venables raised concerns about the lack of clarity and certainty around COVID changes and suggested all levels of government should be considering implementing support packages for impacted industries.

At the same time, our members reported that no local, state or Australian government elected officials are responding to the calls of our local businesses to address their concerns.
Our members have advised of significantly reduced trade, confusing COVID messaging and a very poor performing start to 2022. The Toowoomba Chamber has again called on our local elected officials, state, and Australian government politicians to publicly acknowledged the circumstances businesses are facing and to identify how government can support the business community.


The Toowoomba Chamber acknowledges that David Crisafulli MP, Leader of the Opposition, has called for greater support for the small business community in the current climate.

Our members in retail, hospitality, tourism, agriculture sectors are all reporting significant business downturn, much worse than COVID 2020.

Todd Rohl CEO Toowoomba Chamber

“Our members are pointing to the lack of access to testing, confusing mandate requirements and the lack of clear and consistent messages as having a direct impact on business sustainability.

“The continuing mix signals, political finger-pointing, and what seems like no real plan to weather the current Omicron variant has had a dramatic impact on local businesses.
“The potential loss of businesses, homes, jobs, and people’s livelihoods is real and causing our members’ great stress and mental unwellness.
“What we need is for our local elected officials to publicly acknowledged the circumstances businesses are facing and to identify how they can support the business community.

We need clear consistent messaging

“What we need is for government to create a clear, consistent and succinct narrative for the community on how to safely navigate the current climate whilst supporting the business community.
“What we need is for the Toowoomba Regional Council, State government and the Australian government to public announce how they intend to support our business community, now”, said Todd.

Strong Quote here!

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