Struggling with New Psychosocial Hazard Code Compliance?
The Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with valued Toowoomba Chamber Gold Corporate Partner, Sharné Consulting, is thrilled to announce the launch of the “Become Code Compliant 1-Day Intensive Program”.
This initiative is designed to aid Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) in complying with the recently implemented “Managing the Risk of Psychosocial Hazards at Work” Code of Practice.

Psychosocial Hazard Code Compliance

Addressing the critical need for workplace mental health management, this program directly tackles the challenges faced by SMBs under the new Code. The Code mandates proactive management of mental health hazards, a task our members are finding overwhelming for businesses, particularly those with limited resources. Recognising this issue, Sharné Consulting, known for its commitment to people development, has developed this innovative solution.
The 1-Day Intensive Program simplifies the complexities of the Code into actionable steps, customising them to fit the unique needs of each SMB. Unlike standard seminars, this program offers an interactive workshop environment. Participants will engage with pre-prepared legal templates, risk assessment frameworks, and mitigation procedures, ensuring they are not just informed but also equipped to implement these changes.
What sets this program apart is its exclusivity and focus. Limited to only 10 SMBs per session, it guarantees personalised attention and a dynamic learning atmosphere. The primary goal is to arm businesses with the necessary tools and strategies for ongoing compliance, while also nurturing a positive workplace culture.
Toowoomba Chamber Chief Executive Officer said, “Sharné Lategan with her extensive background in legal and SMB employment relations, is the driving force behind this program.
“Her expertise demystifies the Code, showing that with the right guidance, compliance can be straightforward and manageable.
“This initiative is not only a response to a regulatory demand but also an opportunity for SMBs to reduce the cost of compliance and ensure their workplaces continue to adapt and change”, expressed Todd.

Sharne’ Consulting Owner, Sharne’ Lategan said, “We are excited to deliver this intensive program to help businesses navigate the code requirements.
“The program has been specifically designed to ensure SMBs are given the tools to ensure they are compliant and reduce the anxiety around compliance.
“Done properly, the tools will not only make SMBs compliant, but will be an opportunity to continue to build outstanding business cultures’, said Sharne’.
For more detailed information on the “Become Code Compliant 1-Day Intensive Program,” please visit Sharné Consulting’s Website

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