28 May 2024 – Engagement With Government

We understand that engagement with government, our local, state, and Australian policy makers is an essential part of the Toowoomba Chamber advocacy. All to drive a policy environment which supports a thriving small business community.

Continued ongoing dialogue enables us to share the stories of our businesses, opportunities they see and challenges they face, and solutions they envisage.

Engagement with Goverment picture of Major Geoff McDonald Toowoomba Regional Council

Yes, sometimes these conversations are awkward, but necessary. And, yes, we may not get want or believe the community needs or deserves. But the Toowoomba Chamber sees these as critical in voicing the messages of our business community.

Our focus continues to be around matters like housing, tax reform, the red tape burden, infrastructure, food security, our rural areas and the like. Matters articulated in the local government election priorities prepared with our members.

Why Engagement with Government is Important to the Chamber

To ensure we advocate consistently and ask hard questions for the business community, the Toowoomba Chamber Board:

· has planned a town hall meeting for later this year with the local government elected officials to discuss policy matters and answer your questions;

· holds quarterly meetings with the Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor and Deputy Mayor;

· engages with our state and Federal members throughout the year;

· is working with and engaging with the Toowoomba Regional Council Economic Development Branch to discuss business matters;

· facilitates bi-annual meetings with the Darling Downs Regional Alliance (1000 + members) and Toowoomba Regional Council;

· holds bi-annual meetings with the Mayor, State members and Federal members and Executive;

· is working with the Toowoomba Surat Basin Enterprise on delegations to Brisbane and Canberra to meet with State ministers and or advisers and opposition spokespeople to advocate for the region;

· invites ministers and opposition spokespersons to Toowoomba to meet with the business community; and

· is currently preparing a state government election priorities plan.

Want to know more? Get involved? Share your thoughts. Email admin@toowoombachamber.com.au.

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