In 2023, the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, their Food & Agri Network Advisory Committee and Dine Darling Downs had their sights firmly on securing funds from the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) to deliver the concept called Autumn Feast for the whole of the region in 2024.
Toowoomba Chamber Chief Executive Officer, Todd Rohl said, “Support for the event surpassed expectations, with over 300 letters of support, a petition in support and social media reaching over 15,000 people.
“Funding for a major, truly regional community led event, called Autumn Feast was sought from Toowoomba Regional Council in accordance with Council’s Sponsorship Policies.

“An economic impact statement which identified an estimated $14 million contribution to the local economy, along with a strategic plan, key performance indicators and other information was submitted.
“Subsequently, TRC requested more information and we have been working hard on collating the documents, including visitation metrics for each event and activity planned, social media outreach and engagement strategies and targets, specific budgets for each individual event and activity, event marketing plans, public relation and media plans, sponsorship strategies, and more, before the elected officials would decide to finically support the community led event.
“Whilst we have been working diligently to deliver on all these requirements and considered a smaller scaled event in 2024, we have determined we cannot meet the changing and additional requirements in the timeframe to deliver an outstanding event for the region in Autumn next year that meets our expectations.
“On that basis, it is with great sadness and a heavy heart, that I advise we will not be proceeding with Autumn Feast 2024.
“I am disappointed for the whole community but especially for our country towns and our up-and-coming arts, music and food business sectors and their suppliers who have missed out on showcasing their areas and talents.
“Sadly, the Toowoomba Regional Council have, in my view, not been enablers for this grassroots event which had the future potential make an enormous economic contribution to the whole region and not just Toowoomba.
“The Toowoomba Chamber would personally like to acknowledge and thank the Autumn Feast creator, Kristen O’Brien of Dine Darling Downs who has worked tirelessly to secure a second community based and led, event for the city. “
“Her dedication to the Toowoomba community and in particular the food sector is exceptional,” expressed Todd.

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