The Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce in partnership with our platinum partner the Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) are collaborating to understand the local business pulse. Lead Line


We want to create, a suite of evidence, with your input, to better understand the specific local business requirements to influence government policy and produce better business conditions, in Toowoomba, to help the business community thrive.

Toowoomba Chamber Calls On Council to offer relief to business

By creating Toowoomba’s own Business Performance Sentiment Index (PSI).

Toowoomba’s very own PSI, restricted to the Toowoomba Regional Council local government boundaries, is intended to further put the spotlight on the issues and pressures facing our local businesses.  Building on the feedback from our members, the data will enable a greater level of understanding of the impact of current and future programs and initiatives, establish a clear understanding on how businesses are preforming, verify business sentiment and conditions affecting business opportunity and growth and provide insights to understanding Toowoomba’s changing trends.

The aim of the project is to provide clarity on our business trends, inform strategic thinking, discover insights and to tell Toowoomba’s unique story. 

With the results, we expect to be able to understand how you feel about local, state, and federal government policies, investment, and infrastructure development on local businesses in our region. 

The Projects Aims

We anticipate that project will be able to articulate the regions unique economic conditions to enable us to continue to sharpen our focus on policy matters of importance to you. 

And ultimately providing a suite of evidence to build the business case for Toowoomba, of what the business community needs, enabling us to stand up for business and fight for what we deserve, regardless of the political persuasion of elected officials.

The PSI will be developed by Toowoomba Chamber member, McCrindle, a nationally acclaimed organisation, led by Mark McCrindle an award-winning social researcher, best-selling author and influential thought leader who is regularly commissioned to deliver strategy and advice to some of Australia’s leading organisations. 

The project will kick off in late February, early March, with a request for our businesses community to take 10 minutes to undertake a short survey, with the findings delivered by Mark McCrindle, at a business lunch in July 2022.

For more information please contact the Toowoomba Chamber by email

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