We are an entrepreneurial city, a small business city that is the backbone of the Toowoomba economy.  We are crucial to the region’s sustainability and growth.  

We know this, as the research undertaken by McCrindle as part of the Toowoomba Business Performance Sentiment Index in 2022 identified that over 98% of the region’s businesses are small.  Yes, small businesses dominant the Toowoomba business landscape.

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Small Business is Critical

They are not only critical for the city’s wealth generation and success.  They play an enormous role in our region by giving back to our community by supporting numerous community and sporting organisations and not for profit companies. That means when small business hurts our whole community hurts too.

The Toowoomba Chamber wants to see a turbocharged region, so businesses can expand, and more money can flow directly into the local economy.

Local Government plays a critical role in small business success. It has many policy levers it can pull to support our local business community such as tax incentives, ridding firms of unnecessary regulation and employing local business first.

The Toowoomba Regional Council understand the critical role they play in small business success, evidenced by its commitment to be a Small Business Friendly Council and their obligation to report on its implementation.

With the local government election ONLY twelve months away, we are seeking your input to facilitate the Toowoomba Chamber developing five key priorities to advocate for businesses to facilitate a thriving small business environment.

Once these priorities are established, we intend to advocate loudly and proudly for the business community in the lead up to the local government elections 2024 to ensure the voice of business is HEARD.

What do you see as the key priorities the Toowoomba Regional Council should do to support your business?

Why are they important?

What action do you believe Toowoomba Regional Council should take to address the priorities?

For example, you may need greater transparency and investment in public infrastructure, equity in CBD car parking arrangements, the creation of a Red Tape Task Force or even a portfolio created to deal specifically with our rural affairs.

Let us know what you see as your priorities by completing the confidential form and submitting it to the Toowoomba Chamber.

Remember, your business is a BIG DEAL and together, we can make a difference.

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