8 May 2024 | Media Release
Toowoomba Chamber calls for small business debate

Queenslanders depend heavily on small businesses to meet their personal and their family’s day today needs. Queensland has over 420,000 small businesses which contribute in the order of 116 billion to the state economy each year, employing more than 40% of Queensland’s workforce.

small business debate at Chamber corner
Toowoomba Chamber calls for small business debate

The Toowoomba Chamber is the independent voice of business for our region. With no direct government funding and over 600 members, we are fiercely protective of our independence. As champions of the local business community, we see our independence as a strength and, it critically
important that our members understand policy that impacts small business from all sides of politics.
The Toowoomba Chamber has invited the current spokesperson for small business from the two major parties to come to Toowoomba for a small business debate in the lead up to the state election.
Toowoomba Chamber, Chief Executive Officer, said, “As we head towards a state government election, the proposed forum enables both parties to outline, engage, discuss, and debate matters of policy and respond to questions from the audience and moderators.

“We would expect both major parties would be prepared to address key concerns of our members which impact on the growth and sustainability of business such as the cost of compliance, housing,
infrastructure, tax reform, etcetera.
“We believe the Toowoomba business community has a right to know and understand how the proposed policies from both major parties will positively impact on the progress of the state of Queensland and in particular, Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region.
“We consider that the event will provide an increased level of government accountability and help the business community to strongly advocate for necessary change.
“The event will facilitate participation and engagement of the business community with government, in a very open and transparent manner.
“We are hopeful both major parties take up this opportunity to allow the business community time to ask questions and assess their options around voting’, expressed Todd.

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