The Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce offers a range of membership benefits combined with being a part of the largest regional Chamber of Commerce in Australia. With more than 550 members across our region, Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce membership is one of the most inexpensive and beneficial peak member organisations that you can belong to.

Delivering Business Essentials throughout the region, the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce supports, represents and informs our local business community.

Focussed on the ABCs of business, the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce delivers:


 The Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce is THE VOICE for the Toowoomba business community at the local, state and federal levels. The Toowoomba Chamber’s number one priority is to represent small business interests in a range of policy areas including local procurement, business taxation and red tape reduction.

Primary Activities

  • State of the Region Survey (Annual)
  • BIG 6 - Policy Priorities
  • Local Advocacy: Local Procurement, Transport, Parking, Business Support



Identification, development and delivery of Members ONLY benefits

Primary Activities


We prioritise the development and delivery of high quality, unique events focused on information dissemination and network connections.

Primary Activities