The Focus HR Business Excellence Awards 2021 is a celebration of the business community’s contribution to the economic vitality and social fabric of our region and is an important recognition and awards program that celebrates the diversity, innovation and excellence of the region's businesses. 

The Focus HR Business Excellence Awards recognises the leaders, innovators and the heart of our community - our businesses. The Awards is an occasion for owners, managers and staff to critically assess business performance, celebrate successes and strategies for the future. The Awards also provide an excellent opportunity to benchmark your business against others in similar industries.
These Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of both Businesses and Young Leaders across all sectors of the industry within our region. Applicants are assessed across a set of criteria that underscores commitment to not only sustaining bottom-line results, but to the superiority of service, strategy, commitment to customers, staff satisfaction, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability. 
We are excited this year to announce 2 new award categories:  Sole Trader of the Year and Micro-Business of the Year.
For all award categories, judging criteria and further information, please view the following:
Thank you to this years Focus HR Business Excellence Awards Category Sponsors, as listed below.


Please contact our team today to help you with any further information and your application for the Focus HR Business Excellence Awards 2021, proudly presented by the Toowoomba Chamber.