The gates have flung open.  They’re off.  The quips have begun. 

Candidates are jockeying for positions. The slogans and tag lines released.  Schoolyard accusations are expected. 

And the promises will come. 

Toowoomba Chamber Federal Government election
Yes, it’s just another federal government election!

Although I have learnt in life, never to assume, the Liberal National Party are surely in the box seat with the recently released budget aimed solely and squarely at our personal hip pockets, with bowser relief, tax relief and the announcement of a big infrastructure spend. 

Right here in Groom, the incumbent is surely a good bet?  You would expect we would need a major upset to trouble, the short, priced favourite and incumbent Garth.  He is the front runner, for sure, with an existing massive head start, it is hard to fathom that he will be run down.

However, politics like racing can be very unpredictable.  And six willing and brave candidates will join Garth in the race for first place, for Groom.  Labor, Greens, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, United Australia Party, and two independents will attempt to run the incumbent down in the home straight.

But I want to know more!

 I am interested to read their form and understanding their small business views.  I intend to look them in the eye and ask questions about infrastructure spending for Groom like a new hospital, fast rail, and support for the entertainment precinct.  Questions about increasing immigration to address the skills shortfall.  Questions on climate change, manufacturing, and our food and Agri sector. And my list goes on.

The Federal Government election Candidates

That is why, the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Toowoomba Business Networkers invite you to grab your ticket to meet the candidates for Groom, face to face at the Toowoomba Chamber Political Series – The Ayes Have It

The event will:

  • give you an opportunity hear a 3-minute pitch from each candidate on why you should vote for them;
  • enable you to ask questions of them as part of the Groom Candidates Panel; and
  • provide you the opportunity to converse with the candidates.

The event will be held on Thursday 28 April 2022 at the Toowoomba Cathedral Centre -123 Neil St, Toowoomba.  It will commence at 5:30pm and conclude at 7:30pm and be moderated by ABC Reporter, Belinda Sanders.

The electorate of Groom is built on small business.  Small business is the backbone of the Groom economy and the city’s number 1 job creator.  So, grab your tickets from the Toowoomba Chamber website and come along.

Got a question you would like the Toowoomba Chamber to ask on your behalf?  Email us at

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