In early 2022, I wrote an article on the proposed upgrade of the Toowoomba Sports Ground (TSG) as the city’s option to participate in the 2032 Olympic Games.  I acknowledged that TSG is a great city tradition.  But questioned if its upgrade, into stadium status (I define as at least a capacity for 20,000 spectators), was the right decision for the city.     

At the time, I posed, several questions that I believe, are still as relevant today as they were then.

Will the upgrade be enough to enhance the city’s sporting capabilities and build its brand and reputation as an ideal sports tourist destination? 

Will it promote sport, active recreation, and healthy living by providing access to a world-class facility?

Toowoomba Sports Ground

Will it position Toowoomba as a significant player in vying for national and international sports and entertainment to be played and/or located in the stadium?

Will it strategically leverage Toowoomba’s number one employer, the health sector’s expertise in sports innovation, health, and wellbeing?

Will it capitalise on the city as a training ground for grassroots local talent and grasp the opportunity to retain our talented next generation of superstars, right here, in the region?

Will it generate a lasting sporting legacy for the city?  One that it deserves.

Opportunities for the Toowoomba Sports Ground

The Toowoomba Chamber researched a range of potential options for a world-class facility for the city.  Options such as Railway Parklands, the Base Hospital, the University of Southern Queensland, Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct, and North Toowoomba.  And there is probably more. 

But I now understand that Toowoomba Sports Ground is the ONLY opportunity for a major investment in a local sports stadium, for the Olympics 2032.  I have discovered that this decision was not made yesterday, but potentially as far back as 2019.  It is clearly articulated in the Olympic Bid supported by the Southeast Queensland Council of Mayors, an organisation, which includes Toowoomba Regional Council belongs and has been subject to significant discussion and Council resolutions all easily discoverable online.

Do I think this is the best site.  No!  However, would I compromise the opportunity for a potentially $50 – $100 million spend on the Toowoomba Sports Ground to enable the city to secure a world class facility, national events and bring investment and spending into the city and directly into the pockets of local businesses who employ our residents.  No!

So where do we go from here?

Engagement with business, sporting groups, schools, and the broader community and specifically the immediate surrounding residents and organisations needed to start yesterday, well probably in 2019 or before.  

With Toowoomba Sports Ground as the ONLY option, we need careful consideration around key matters like, the interface with adjoining uses, transport connectivity, parking, links to the CBD, acoustics and lighting, heritage, location of like and associated land uses, and the list goes on.  Not to mention communication with surrounding residents.  After all the Toowoomba Sports Ground is situation in a residential area and next to one of Toowoomba’s largest public primary schools.

What is essential is what is best for the city and in my role, what can the business community leverage to ensure growth and sustainability, a legacy asset for future generations and more jobs for residents.

Critically, it needs business and community input to develop a world-class facility, that drives investment, and opportunity and sells Toowoomba to the world, whilst mitigating local impacts.

What are your thoughts on the Toowoomba Sports Ground upgrade?  Yay or Nay?  Let us know by emailing

For me, it raises another very important question which I will be investigating further and seeking your input.  What does the city and business community gain from being part of the South East Queensland Council of Mayors?  But that is for another day.

Share them with us by emailing and help us stand up for business and our region.

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