Business Excellence Awards


The Toowoomba Chamber created the Business Excellence Awards in the early ’90s. 

Hosted annually by the Toowoomba Chamber, they are designed to celebrate the efforts and achievements of this diverse and dedicated business community and recognise their contribution, not only to economic vitality but to creating the strong, healthy, vibrant regional community that is the Toowoomba Region.

Our Why

At the Toowoomba Chamber, we are so proud to praise our diverse economy which is based on an array of businesses including enviable mining and manufacturing industries, robust agricultural and horticultural industries, a growing tourism market supported by natural attractions, and the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport, major health, and education services and of course the heart of the community, a vast array of dynamic small to medium business. 

Whilst all add to the region’s business profile, they also help weave the fabric of our communities. 

Business Excellence Awards

  • Showcase the diversity and dedication of the Toowoomba Region’s business community 
  • Celebrate the efforts and achievements of local business
  • Promote best practices in strategic business planning and delivery
  • Recognise the contribution of local business, to our economic vitality
  •  And to creating a strong, healthy, vibrant regional community


We encourage all businesses to consider applying to increase profile and networking opportunities and to give yourself a chance to shine in your niche, build team spirit, strategically examine your business, and let your hair down on the business community’s night of nights, the awards ceremony.

Our Partners