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Unsure about entering the Business Excellence Awards 2024? Don’t be!

It makes perfect business sense, enter one or more of the Awards categories.

Because the research says, as eloquently articulated by International Marketing and Communication company Declaration:


THE VALUE of the BEA’s

The Why

1 It Builds Credibility | It is an opportunity to highlight your hard work to existing and future clients and customers. To do this, you do not have to win. By being nominated or a finalist can help to build trust and credibility and differentiate your business, products and services from your competitors’ offerings.

2 Creates Lead Generation | It is a fact that businesses that enter and win awards report a rise in income.

3 Gives you opportunity to network | Getting together with peers, clients, consultants, contractors and other businesses gives you the chance to celebrate what’s great about your company. An opportunity created by a series of Award events, with the pinnacle being the Business Excellence Awards Gala Dinner.

4 It’s a chance to reward your team | Entering your business gives you a chance to celebrate your team. Their achievements, and is a reward for their hard work, boosting morale and motivation.

5 Provides you with free marketing | Awards are an often-overlooked tool in the marketing toolbox. You can get a huge potential return on investment with just a little upfront investment in your time and energy. The Awards gives your business the ability to take advantage of free publicity.

6 It’s a time to reflect | Simply taking the time to complete the application process provides you with benefits. It gives you a chance to examine your business objectively and compare yourself to competitors. By thinking about what it is that makes you stand out from the crowd, you’ll gain inspiration about how you could improve in certain areas.

7 It attracts new talent and retains staff | Being nominated, a finalist or winning awards adds credibility to your company and puts you in high esteem when it comes to attracting new recruits and retaining existing employees. Who doesn’t want to work with a company considered EXCELLENT and held in high regard by its peers?

8. It is part of your marketing and promotion plans | Entering awards if often part of a business’s strategic promotional activities. Is it part of yours? What do you have to lose? Yes, it is an investment of your time, but your business stands to gain so much; including the potential for new and repeat business, and the kudos of being nominated, a finalist or even winning.

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