In 2020 and 2021 there were many campaigns with catch phrases like “Shop Local”, “Say Yes to Local”, “Go Local First”, etcetera.  I wonder if the glitz and lions roar of these campaigns have dulled and are now a quite meow.

Smartpay in 2021 wrote that the Shop Local trend will continue to be strong in 2022.    Smartpay argued that 73% of consumers actively want to spend money in their local community to help businesses, with 50% happy to buy items locally even if they cost more, to show support.

A CommBank Consumer Insights Report reaffirmed that more Australians are choosing to shop locally, supporting local online retailers and manufacturers as well as suburban shopping centres and neighbourhood stores. They say this is across a variety of categories including recreational, fashion, electronics, and food.

Do you think, the campaigns around Shop Local are still strong?  At the forefront of the customers mind?

Find our ‘LOUD” voice

I have a firm belief, that we need to continue to find our ‘loud” voice and remind customers of the value and importance of buying local, as we cautiously emerge out of the uncertainty of the reported world health crisis. 

There is much literature of the importance of buying local to businesses and local communities.  The importance is because when you buy local, you are:

  • making an investment in the local community;
  • boosting the local economy;
  • helping people achieve their dreams;
  • creating jobs;
  • building local relationships within the community;
  • facilitating the ability of businesses to give back in ways of sponsorships and community events; and
  • potentially making a difference if a business survives or dies.

So, this holiday season, stop by a local shop to check out and uncover your new favourite places in Toowoomba and in the region’s surrounding towns.

And remember, once you shop local, please share your experiences on social media, tag the local business, to help the business reach a bigger audience.

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