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The Wearing Memories Story

Chances are you remember your very first bottle of champagne; sharing a special moment whilst creating a cherished memory. Whether it was a romantic proposal, engagement, wedding, anniversary, special birthday, birth of a child, new job, successful business deal, or simply catching up with dear friends and loved ones, these memories bring joy every time you recall them.

 Now you can cherish your memories forever with my champagne inspired jewellery range. Wearing Memories is designed to hold the ‘plaque de muselet’ (cap) from the top of a champagne bottle.

I have always collected the caps from bottles of champagne, writing the date, location and company on the reverse to commemorate my memory. I believe that happy times go hand in hand with popping a bottle of bubbly and that ‘pop’ I refer to as, ‘….the sound of happiness’.

 There is something magical about champagne that perfects the occasion! As I became more involved in the atmosphere of the event I would place the champagne cage with the cap on my finger. This however, became a little dangerous by the end of the evening, so I was inspired to create a ring to hold my champagne caps. From there I developed the signature patented champagne locket which allows the wearer to interchange their champagne caps to match an outfit or special occasion.

Each Wearing Memories piece is exquisitely handcrafted in Australia from the finest quality sterling silver and raw materials. I invite you to capture and wear your own special champagne memories with a Wearing Memories piece from our latest collection.


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