8 May 2024 – Find Our Collective Voice

The Queensland Small Business Commissioner, states that small businesses define our identity as a place, a region, and a destination. Small businesses create local jobs and provide essential goods and services, both to the community and to larger organisations. They drive regional economic development and make up the backbone of the supply chains of major projects.

I could not agree more.

Toowoomba is built on the back of small business. It is the backbone of the economy. It is the backbone of philanthropic investment in local social capital. It remains essential to long-term sustainability and growth. It is the binding glue of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

Collective Voice

I do not know any current Toowoomba small business custodian that is not driven by the desire to create and progress Toowoomba in a balanced way. Not just for themselves but as part of laying the platform for future generation success.

Some argue, we are the lucky region. A diverse and robust economy smoothing out the bumps in the road from the economic ups and downs.

I say, the diverse and robust economy, was built on the foundation of our previous visionary leaders. Leaders who laid a platform for investment and opportunity across multiple sectors. So, not so much luck, but dedication, commitment, collaboration, and vision all with a common goal of seeking the advancement of Toowoomba and beyond.

And of course, we can not rest, still more needs to be done.

Can we Find Our Collective Voice??

I feel the region gets financially punished by all levels of governments due to the success of our small business community and our economic robustness. My view is we do need more government investment in our region’s hospitals, roads, railways, public transport, state of the art multi-purpose sporting and conference facilities, community services etcetera.

These needs are well documented and articulated in research undertaken by nationally acclaimed firm, McCrindle. By acting on this research, collectively and collaboratively we can continue the region’s long history of excellence.

With the upcoming state government election, it is time to find our collective voice. Because, I say, WE DESERVE BETTER. Each political party should reward our region, which shines so brightly thanks to the business community.

I believe our biggest chance to secure investment is for a collaborative voice. Achieved by working together to create one agreed advocacy document and advocacy campaign for our region. Do you agree?

Help us, Toowoomba’s independent voice of business understand what you think we need, and what we deserve?

Let us know by email admin@toowoombachamber.com.au

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