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Business Connect is about creating outreach and collaboration to continue the valuable work of connecting business owners with persons looking for employment. The Toowoomba Chamber’s focus has been to build a local skills supply chain, supporting our member businesses to utilise skills from our migrant and refugee population.   

Toowoomba Chamber’s Business Connect program is a joint initiative between the Toowoomba Chamber and our major partner, CatholicCare Social Services. The main focus of the project is to develop and support employment partnerships between our member businesses and skilled migrants and refugees.

Business Connect | Skilled Migrants Networking Event

7 months ago

The Toowoomba Chamber's ‘Business Connect’ Migrant Employment Program was established in 2019 to...

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Business Connect

The Business Connect program facilitates opportunities for Toowoomba business owners to access the untapped pool of skills available in Toowoomba’s migrant and refugee population. Business Connect provides an integrated workforce solution, supporting both the employer and the employee, matching skilled migrants and refugees with local job opportunities.

Through the Business Connect program, Toowoomba Chamber is also continuing to promote a better understanding of the migrant employment experience. Toowoomba Chamber believes the positive migrant experiences it is promoting is inspiring more local businesses to reach out and become involved in the program.

Skilled Migrants and Refugees video

If you have skills gaps in your business or are finding it difficult to fill a particular role, please contact Toowoomba Chamber for further information about our Business Connect program.

It is our goal, to build on the outreach and collaboration we have achieved and continue the valuable work of connecting business owners with skilled migrants and refugees, and other persons looking for employment. 

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