Small Business is a dynamic and exciting part of the Australian economy and a healthy Small Business sector is a prerequisite for a growing local business community. The Toowoomba Chamber will be showcasing our Small Business sector by hosting this keynote event as part of QLD Small Business Week 2019.
The SMALL BUSINESS EXCHANGE will bring SME’s from across the Toowoomba region together on Thursday 30th May to showcase the diversity and excellence that exists in our local small business community. This full-day trade show event will provide SME’s with exhibition opportunities as well as an IMPACT Networking event.

This is a great opportunity for our local businesses to promote themselves to a wider audience, encourage supply chain opportunities and business to business collaboration, and overall strengthen the Toowoomba business community.

We highly recommend all businesses of all industries and sizes to seize this opportunity.

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Small Business Exchange

Take advantage of this exciting exhibitor opportunity to become part of the Small Business Exchange, presented by the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce.