Our Proud Past

The 120-year history of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce is inextricably linked with the commercial and cultural development of the City of Toowoomba. Although Toowoomba was declared a municipality in 1860 and the Chamber was not formed until 1899, it was about then that the fledgling municipality was showing signs of becoming one of the most important inland centres of commerce in Queensland.

Business leaders saw the need for a coordinated approach to authorities to ensure Toowoomba was not overlooked in the fight for services to rapidly growing outposts north and west of Brisbane.

The Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce's many achievements over the years including:

  • Improved telephone and postal communications;
  • Created the Carnival of Flowers;
  • Formed the first Toowoomba Tourism Committee;
  • Played a role in bringing University of Southern Queensland lecture facilities to Toowoomba in 1951;
  • Played a role in the transfer of the Australian Army Aviation Regiment to the Darling Downs;
  • Assisted in the creation of the Gospel Music Festival (later known as Easterfest); and
  • Created the Toowoomba Business Excellence Awards.