Mentoring is a career development strategy where mentors facilitate the development of learners by sharing known resources, expertise, values, skills, perspectives, attitudes, and proficiencies. Mentoring builds mentees’ skills and provides mentors the opportunity to share proven leadership knowledge and techniques of leaders within our business community. Mentoring benefits the mentor, the mentee, and the community as we build stronger, more successful businesses and business relationships. 

Our young Professionals are the future of our Business Community.

Benefits of Mentoring

For Mentees:

•    Insight into the pros and cons of various career options and paths 
•    Increased self-awareness and self-discipline 
•    An expanded personal network 
•    A sounding board for testing ideas and plans 
•    Positive and constructive feedback on professional and personal development areas 
•    Accelerated training and development

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For Mentors:

•    Proven method to share ideas, try new skills and take risks 
•    Enhanced capacity to translate values and strategies into productive actions 
•    Increased awareness of personal biases, assumptions and areas for improvement 
•    Renewed enthusiasm for role as experts 
•    Personal fulfillment by investing in others 

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