Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce is an independent organisation that advocates on behalf of local businesses at local, state and federal level to ensure our business community has a voice. We offer a full program of memeber networking events that provide members with a platform to strengthen their existing networks, develop new contacts and connect with business leaders to maximise growth opportunities for your business. Chamber members also have the opportunity to contribute to key strategic projects and ensure your business requirements are considered while helping to shape the future direction of our local business community.

The Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce offers a range of membership benefits combined with being a part of the largest regional Chamber of Commerce in Queensland. With more than 400 members across our region, Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce membership is one of the most cost effective and beneficial peak member organisations that you can belong to. Delivering Business Essentials throughout the region, the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce is independant and supports, represents and informs our local business community.


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