Dan Farquhar

Dan has owned and operated hospitality businesses in Toowoomba since 2011 and has a further eight years prior experience working within the industry.  He holds a Bachelor of Business, QUT and an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management.  His experience includes working in chef hatted restaurants in Sydney, pubs, clubs, hosting champagne appreciation classes and more recently building up and selling one of the busiest Dominos franchises in the country, Dominos Westridge and establishing The Finch cafe.  Dan and Edwina Farquhar also own iCooked, a business that distributes meals across the Toowoomba region.

Kristen O’Brien

With many years spent working across a range of industries in the fields of marketing, media production and sales; Kristen brings a wealth of experience to the table.  A confident communicator, Kristen has a background in marketing & communications, public relations, event & media management, business building strategies, media production & social media branding.

Sally Boardman

Sally has worked in the agricultural industry throughout South East Queensland and northern NSW, since completing a BSc.Agr at Sydney University. In 1999, Sally and her husband moved to Ravensbourne, Queensland, where they became immersed in the Avocado Industry. They have developed 5 farms of avocado production, Sunnyspot Farms, have graded and packed fruit from producers all over SE QLD, Sunnyspot Packhouse, and have developed a marketing business in collaboration with another large producer in Bundaburg, QLD, which markets 25% of the total fruit produced Australia wide, both domestically and internationally, The Avolution. In 2018 Sally completed and graduated with a Master of Agribusiness from the University of Queensland.

Jeff Schultheiss

With a Bachelor of Food Science and Technology, Jeff has worked on a number of projects with national brands, such as Darrell Lea and Arnotts Biscuits. Jeff then worked in multiple roles with Birch & Waite Foods included managing Processing, Operations and General Manager. In 2011 Jeff and his family moved to Toowoomba, taking up the Factory Manager role for Pixie Ice-cream, including Operations, Quality Assurance, Product Development, and Procurement. In 2016 Jeff joined Story Fresh as GM – Salad Processing. In 2019, Jeff created Darling Fresh Consulting to deliver capability improvements to the Australian Food and Ag Industry

Asher Andrews

Asher is a local father, business owner and passionate advocate for better food choices and creating a ‘Closed Loop’ food system. A qualified chef who has over 14 years experience, Asher worked in and managed a number of businesses before opening Firefly Cafe in the heart of the Toowoomba CBD. After a successful 7 years, he then opened up Little Seed, a cafe with a strong belief and passion for sourcing the best local produce and supporting the local economy. Asher and his wife now run a home business creating nutrient balanced meals from mostly local and organic produce from the Toowoomba Region, as well as educational classes and workshops based on implementing better food choices and how to be more involved in a 'closed-loop' food system.