Dan Farquhar

Dan has owned and operated hospitality businesses in Toowoomba since 2011 and has a further eight years prior experience working within the industry.  He holds a Bachelor of Business, QUT and an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management.  His experience includes working in chef hatted restaurants in Sydney, pubs, clubs, hosting champagne appreciation classes and more recently building up and selling one of the busiest Dominos franchises in the country, Dominos Westridge and establishing The Finch cafe.  Dan and Edwina Farquhar also own iCooked, a business that distributes meals across the Toowoomba region.

Andrew Hely

Andrew manages East Street Kitchen and keeps things ticking along. Andrew believes that he can add operation understandings to FAN given his previous and current experience in both corperate and small businesses. He is also responsible for bidding, financials and buying decisions. As project manager of multiple simultaneous events, Andrew brings his passion for food, life and family to everything he does.

Kristen O’Brien

With many years spent working across a range of industries in the fields of marketing, media production and sales; Kristen brings a wealth of experience to the table.  A confident communicator, Kristen has a background in marketing & communications, public relations, event & media management, business building strategies, media production & social media branding.

Brendan Ryan

Brendan has been a passionate advocate of Chamber developing it’s role in the agri-food space to provide a platform and opportunity for the farmers of our region (and food product manufacturers creating food products) to engage and collaborate with food & hospitality businesses to better meet consumer needs and opportunities.  Brendan advises and assists agri-food businesses in growing, valueadding and marketing their products locally, nationally and in export market.  He also has been a retail and hospitality owner in Toowoomba and elsewhere, so he carries with him vast experience and relatively unique perspectives.