Future Leader of the Year


The Toowoomba Chamber created the Business Excellence Awards in the early ’90s. 

Hosted annually by the Toowoomba Chamber, they are designed to celebrate the efforts and achievements of this diverse and dedicated business community and recognise their contribution, not only to economic vitality but to creating the strong, healthy, vibrant regional community that is the Toowoomba Region.

Focus HR Business Excellence Awards Application | Future Leader of the Year


This form is for the FUTURE LEADER OF THE YEAR

Questions about your application? Contact the Chamber.

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This award recognises young business leaders who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic direction and innovative ideas, whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming young businesspeople. Nominations are sought from individuals who are under 35 years and under (at the time of award nomination opening) and who have had significant success in their business.

The Focus HR Business Excellence Awards 2021 Future Leader of the Year assessment process consists of three parts:

  • written application – 25% of the assessment;
  • a 1-minute video – 25% of the assessment; and
  • an interview – 50% of the assessment.

The judges may seek further information or clarification from any applicant or referee, at their discretion. This may be in the form of further written information or verbal contact.

The Judging Process

This year the judging process is a replica of 2020, with shorter and simpler application form, however this year there is the inclusion of an interview with the judges. This process has been chosen to ensure the best applicant wins rather than best writer.  Please note if the applicants place of employment is not suitable for onsite visits then the judges will book in an alternative interview location instead – either face-to-face or over the phone.

Application Guidelines & Eligibility

  • Applicants must be 35 years and under. Applicants do not have to be a Toowoomba Chamber member.
  • Applicants must have been employed with their current business for 12 months or more or be self-employed.
  • Applicants must live within the Toowoomba Region.
  • Applicants are required to submit a Current Resume (maximum 2 pages) and 1 referee that can be contacted to verify the application.
  • The applicants resume should outline their current and previous employment profile including job role, scope of responsibilities and professional development within the business and any voluntary work.
  • Applications MUST BE completed by the applicant themselves. Third Parties that nominate an individual are highly encouraged to ensure that the Future Leader submits their own application.
  • All applications must be submitted by 9am on Monday 19th July through this form.
  • All applications are judged by a selection of independent judges.
  • All applications are confidential, and all judges sign a deed of confidentiality and conflict of interest agreement.

The Future Leader of the Year is not eligible for the overall Focus HR Business of the Year award 2021.




A written application of no more than 3 pages is to be submitted addressing the following criteria.

  • How long has the nominee been with the business?

  • What does professional and personal success mean to the nominee?

  • What does the nominee consider to be their most significant career or personal achievement to date?

  • Where does the nominee see themselves in five years?

  • What does the nominee think makes a good leader? And what is the nominee’s leadership style?

  • What are the key challenges that the nominee has faced as a young business leader and how have they dealt with each of these challenges?

  • Detail the nominee’s approach to leadership, diversity and inclusion, and how it influences their actions and activities within the company.

  • Highlight the initiatives the nominee has developed as a leader in their business, detailing their success.

  • How has the nominee’s leadership positively impacted on their business, their workplace and or their community? Describe how the nominee’s leadership has assisted in resolving a workplace or community challenge.

  • What are the nominee’s interests and involvement in the community?

  • Outline how the nominee has contributed to the Toowoomba Business Community, including the period, amount, nature and level of the contribution.

  • Why should the nominee be considered for the Future Leader of the Year award?

  • Please provide supporting evidence or any other documentation to support your application including your resume.

Video Application

1 Minute 

one-minute video will need to be submitted providing a summary of your written application. In particular outline:

  • your leadership style;
  • key business challenges you have faced;
  • how key business successes and failures has changed you;
  • your contribution to the business community;
  • your community work or involvement; and
  • your advice to other future leaders.


Business Excellence Awards

  • Showcase the diversity and dedication of the Toowoomba Region’s business community 
  • Celebrate the efforts and achievements of local business
  • Promote best practices in strategic business planning and delivery
  • Recognise the contribution of local business, to our economic vitality
  •  And to creating a strong, healthy, vibrant regional community

Toowoomba Chamber Business Excellence Awards


We encourage all businesses to consider applying to increase profile and networking opportunities and to give yourself a chance to shine in your niche, build team spirit, strategically examine your business, and let your hair down on the business community’s night of nights, the awards ceremony.